Tuesday, February 01, 2005

First Day

First day of classes, Spring 2005:
After a slight detour to find the too-small classroom, we were introduced to our sociology teacher, Charles M. Brown (please do not call Charlie). He is, by his own admission, a pathological liar and not always to be believed. He gave us several reasons why he is not a jerk, told us stories about what bad things happen to people who do not follow the rules, and asked several difficult questions about how many semesters we have had here.
Next up was Spanish, which was to be found in its scheduled location. Another completely filled classroom. Apparently this teacher has a reputation for actually being able to teach. She might be the only one from the department possessing this extraordinary power. We reviewed some basic Spanish, during which time I could only think in French. Our homework assignment is to know the first 8 chapters which we supposedly covered last semester.
Child Development (yes, another full classroom), seems like it will be quite interesting, taught by a professor obsessed with the correct spelling of her name and who hates boring students.
Finally, a break for lunch and to check out the over-priced texts in the bookstore. A daily visit to the library, to see if I could borrow my texts from there, and then on to my last class of the day, Philosophy.
Or more specifically, Moralism and Existentialism. We wrote the syllabus during the second half of the class, after listening to the professor describe various people and movements with many examples, most involving sex or chocolate. This is by far my smallest class, with only ten students, and has an interesting mix of all grades.
The rest of the afternoon included a brief meeting at the library, where we were informed that the city wants us to make even less money than we do, a stop back at the dorm for a brief rest, and a lively dinner. We watched CSI and Supernanny in the evening while catching up on the last two months, and trying to find websites that sold the cheapest textbooks.
And that's all for me. I get to relax today, with only one class, and then some work in the afternoon. Not too bad. The sun was even shining, which made it even better. Now if only my roommate could keep the room temperature somewhere less than 90 degrees...


Blogger wplmom said...

I see you have several challenges ahead of you: learning to be a lie detector, following rules, spelling difficult names (certainly you have practice there), thinking in Spanish, and even fighting to maintain your already minimal level of pay. And its a good thing you are not a boring person (although you are easily bored). But I'd recommend you get some tank tops and shorts, or just hang out in your underwear...maybe that would work to moderate the temperature, I mean who wants to see you walking around in your underwear?

BTW; Glad you shared your first day, you knew I'd ask.

8:18 AM  

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