Monday, July 18, 2005

What I haven't Been Saying Because I Am Determined Not To Complain About It Anymore

It is hot. Far too hot to feel like doing anything, which includes posting on my blog. We had two thunderstorms this weekend which did nothing to make it any cooler and there is no relief in sight. This is by far my least favorite time of year. Ok, enough.

In other news, I finished HP6 yesterday and I must say I am disappointed, not only by the short length of the book, but also by the apparent lack of interesting material. It seemed to focus very little on anything at school, or on anything in general, except uninteresting side plots. The newly introduced characters weren't very like-able, and our old favorites did very little in the way of anything new, or at least unexpected. I found myself trying to remember what age these kids are supposed to be, but they do not seem to have aged since the first book. The ending was just as confusing as the others, but leaves the reader with even more suspense. Maybe after some more people finish and I can talk about it, it will seem a little better. Until then, I am giving it a B-.


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