Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I spent about half my day at the library today. This morning I covered books that had been sitting on a cart since I left three months ago. Also some new fiction books that I want to read. I put the stickers in the wrong place. Oops...
This afternoon, I put 75 orders into the computer. I suspect I should work slower in the future. my supervisor already said I can use the keyboard better than him. (which isn't hard to do) I probably shouldn't do more than 2 hours at a time in the future, but I was having so much fun...
After a ten minute dinner (salad and ice cream), there was a two-hour training session. We got to tour the building again, see all the changes, and visit the media classrooms in the basement. And play with the telephones, which wasn't nearly as much fun as squishing 5 people into the three-foot square elevator. Then there was another hour of work in which we got to play with the cash register and figure out what to do with ILLs, as well as get a new timesheet disk that actually works.
And that was the majority of my thrilling day. I also tried to take a nap on the couch in the middle of the library, but was distracted when I got to meet one of my personal heroes, the girl who was the cow in the play Albright did last spring.

Yep, I know. I'm weird. :)


Blogger wplmom said...

Sounds like you had a moooving day that was udderly wonderful.

7:21 AM  

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