Thursday, February 16, 2006

Does anyone else know what the primary structures in the telencephalon are?

I guess I owe a post. But all I can think about is my psychbio test tomorrow, bright and early. Which I am almost certainly not ready for. But then again, maybe I underestimate my ability to retain information while watching the Olympics and running out to the store to buy water. I'll let you know after the test. Or more accurately, after we get our grades back. And then there is the stats test in the afternoon, which means I can't go to work until later. Too bad, huh? I wish I could have a nice relaxing weekend, but there is that 5 page paper due Tuesday and two major projects I should be working on...


Blogger wplmom said...

I suspect that somewhere in your telencephalon are the answers you need to do well on those tests. Don't underestimate what's in your brain! Just try to forget the icky stressful bits and concentrate on the needed bits for today. There's plenty of time to be stressed out this weekend. (Then DDR the stress away!) (Or get your paper done...)

7:22 AM  

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