Sunday, February 05, 2006


It seems that it is more amusing to watch the fans at Albright sporting events than the athletes themselves. It is both funny and terrifying to watch some of the "rituals" that occur in the student section of the "end zone". Tonight, all the fans in this area were wearing white. They stood the whole time, chanting encouragement, provoking the opponents, and waving their fingers for good luck while our team was shooting foul shots. Despite all their hard work, we were losing at the end of the first quarter. This was about as much as I could take of a crowded, hot gym, packed in too closely with people I had never seen before in my life, being scared of the people who had painted their faces red or white and being repulsed by the guys who painted jerseys on themselves. There was no fun music played during time-outs, no gimmicks or amusements during the 15 minute break between quarters, unless they only play 15 minute halves. Anyways, if I remember to ask tomorrow, I can probably find out who won, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I think I fail at having school spirit and enthusiasm. I do, however, think it is amusing that I have classes with some of the players. That is something you can't say about watching games on tv. Well, I can't say that. Maybe if I had gone to a bigger, higher-lettered athletic school...


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First of all I think you need to ban that chest painting thing. Ugh. Faces, maybe, but chests. Ugh. And then it sounds like you need a pep band. You have the "student cheerleaders" apparently (or is that ringleaders?), so a little organized music might help.
I only ever knew one student athlete at all well. He wasn't a first stringer, and he was a math major, so he was actually rather down to earth and intelligent. The funniest thing was that he hung out with Vince who was about a foot shorter than they made an interesting pair. But I think I did see him on TV once. (Local TV but still...)

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