Friday, November 10, 2006


Last night, I added to my college experiences by going to the emergency room for the first time. No, it wasn't for me and it wasn't quite an emergency, but it was an experience all the same. My roommate's friend apparently hadn't been able to move his wrist or hand for a few days without extreme pain, but kept putting off going to see a doctor. My roommate, being the concerned person she is, made him agree to go last night. It was a fairly quiet night at the hospital, but there was still a wait for a table. Er...they gave us one of those things that blink when your table is ready and we sat in waiting room D. There was the cutest little girl wandering around, stopping at everybody and trying to follow people through doors. After a while, we got to go see a nurse, who then sent us to another waiting room, the inner sanctum one. There, the tv was showing Law and Order and there were interesting paintings on the wall. We waited some more. John went off to get x-rays, and then he didn't come back, so after the show was over, A and I went to find him. The nice nurse showed us where he was so we didn't have to look into all the rooms. We tried to amuse him while waiting for someone to come with his shot, but I don't know how successful we were. Finally, RN Billy showed up and told John it was...tendonitis. That's what I would have guessed three hours earlier, but I've never know it to be that bad, without warning. Anyway, they gave him some painkillers and a shot in the arm and a wrist mobilizer. And that was that. I also found out where the museum is. It looks really cool. A said she'd take me there some day. And that was my adventure of the week. Stay tuned for more...


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