Wednesday, February 23, 2005

CB, Part 2; In Which Secrets Are Revealed, Alaskan Food Preferences Are Discussed, And The Amish Are Involved In An Accident

This guy is just too much fun to make fun of, in the nicest way possible, (to take a phrase from a friend). Since my last post on this topic, Professor Brown told us that he likes to smoke a pipe in his office and used to be given matches and a rock to play with as a kid. Now for a few quotes:

"They get paid to do this, so make sure you bother them a lot." (on the subject of asking librarians for help)

Alaskans find the following to be a delicatessy: "rotten walrus meat reminiscent of cheese" and "fish so rotten that their bones are the same consistency as the rest of them"

"What does the middle finger have anything to do with the act of effing?"

He also admitted that the story about the bar fight in Australia was not true, but he warns that it is still not a smart idea to slam your glass upside-down on the counter when you are done. He turned his powerpoint presentation into a "psychadelic light show" by playing with the connecting cord. It ended up being a neon green color, as opposed to the complex color schemes that he usually has in his shows, along with different movement patterns for each set of words on each page.

He did tell another travel story, which had little to do with the external location and which he swears is true, about when he was in Chicago and witnessed a heated argument between a man and a telephone pole.

On another occasion, he shocked us with stories of Amish buggies getting run over by inconsiderate drivers. Then he went into an elaborate description of the Yale library, with specific detail to the archives containing rare documents and books, which are in a special room that has the ability to drop nine stories into the ground in case of a nuclear attack. He wanted to know what would happen if anyone were in the room when that happened. Are there also emergency food supplies?

Today, we covered Christian pop culture, including Veggie Tales and a very scary evangelical hard rock group whose name I can't remember at the moment.

Stay tuned for further developments...


Blogger wplmom said...

"They get paid to do this, so make sure you bother them a lot." (on the subject of asking librarians for help)

Just what we need, college professors sending students our way. Actually, students usually don't mind bothering us lots and having us do their research for them. But I do feel sorry for the little old ladies (and men) who apologize for bothering us, and then ask just a simple question which is hardly a bother at all. And yes, we do get paid for it, so what's the big deal? Go ahead, ask!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I went to that Yale library, but a nuclear bomb didn't go off while I was there so I can't confirm or deny the veracity of his story.

12:56 AM  

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