Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Long Awaited Semester Description

Or whatever you would like to describe it as. ;)

So, 9 am, senior seminar, a class that is supposed to be limited to 15, but has about 19, meaning I don't have to talk as much, right? It's basically a big debate, or a debate a week, with people taking turns leading the discussion. I get to lead, oh, next week, so I have some preparing to do, any time now. And I'm working on picking a topic for the big paper.

10 am, at the campus center, The Family, another large class in a poorly designed classroom with no windows. My prof is from Nigeria, but I think I almost have the accent down enough to drift a little without getting in trouble. It's been a slow start, since most of the lectures are in the texts, one of which I am reading in the library because I don't feel like buying my own copy. For this class, we have to attend Baby College one weekend. More on that after I actually go...

11 am, back across campus. Cognition. This is going to be a really cool class, and not just because we get to hear all sorts of things about my prof, like that she has wild "pet" rabbits she calls Mouse and Jack. Cognition covers all the fun and exciting bits about the brain. Attention, perception, memory. And our final project is to make some big metaphor about what the class is all about. Hopefully by then we will know...This class is also in a weird room, third floor with a slanted ceiling. But all the rooms got new flat screen monitors and other equipment, so we can watch movies more often. :)

12 pm, the other side of campus. Juvenile Delinquency. Another packed classroom and I always get there last, coming from farthest away, no doubt. This one is going to be good, too, I think, even though we have papers due almost every day. Critical reviews, actually, so we can write pretty much anything that relates to the reading. Yesterday we talked about hunting rabbits...and guinea pigs...

My Tuesday/Thursday class is Social Stratification, with the same prof as Juv. Del., so I always forget which class I am in, despite them being in different rooms. This class only has 10 people, which is weird, but nice. This should be fun, too, and we get to take a field trip to the mall in a month.

And all the rest of my time is spent at the library, entering data in the computer, answering random phone questions, or shifting/shelving books, since no shelvers were hired this year. good thing I have lots of practice shelving...

It seems I get the room to myself on weekends, so I can do whatever wild and crazy things I feel like, such as reading textbooks out loud, using A's bed cuz it is easier to get to than mine, and bungee jumping off the top bunk. Ok, just kidding. About one of those, anyway. :)


Blogger wplmom said...

You are making college sound like so much fun, maybe I really should go back. I never got to take great classes like Juvenile Delinquency. I did take Perception, which is maybe like Cognition, but maybe more like Psych/Bio from last term (but NOT fun). But then again you like projects and papers, so more power to you. It sounds great, and I appreciate knowing the schedule so my questions sound less dumb.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

You mean they didn't mail you a copy? Or I mean, me, but much too late?

10:17 AM  
Blogger wplmom said...

Oh, that letter. I didn't open it, it was addressed to you.

12:37 PM  

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