Thursday, March 31, 2005

Philosophically, Oops

We got back our Philosophy midterms yesterday, but not until after he told us all what a horrible job we did, how he expected more of us, and that now that we knew what we were doing, he would grade the final and paper more harshly.

I knew I hadn't done a great job on the midterm, but I was not in an academic mood the evening we had to do it. There were other issues influencing my state of mind and I had just spent a few days writing a 10+ page journal for him. So I thought what I did, more than 7 pages in itself, would be enough to satisfactorily answer 5 questions, obviously not with full credit, because that is impossible. He already told us the highest would be an 18/20 for each question.

I should have remembered that this guy really likes substance in his answers, but I tried as much as I could in the circumstances. I guess I'll have to read his comments carefully to see exactly where I went wrong, but first I'll have to wait until I hang the test outside for a few days, until the smell of cigar has gone away.

And yes, I'll work harder to try to avoid another number which he says we can just look at as something out of a 10. Well, we can, but that is ten full points of the grade, of which I just lost four.

As Adam says, sometimes taking his tests is like "sticking a fork in an electrical outlet and seeing how long you can hold on".


Blogger wplmom said...

Adam has quite a way with words. Makes me look forward to taking a test. How about you?

5:02 PM  

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