Monday, March 07, 2005

An unrelated opening leading into a description of my living situation

I love spring and spring-like weather.

What I do not like is waking up to hear my roommate slam her head into the ceiling. I guess she forgot that she lofted it... And if that was not bad enough, she decided to hit the snooze button on her alarm, allowing it to go off every five minutes for the next hour and a half. Oh how I love the sound of alarm clocks...

She did, however, ask me if I like the way the room was arranged when she returned yesterday, and even let me back in the room after she locked me out while I was in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, she has picked up the habit of smoking again. And leaving trails of footwear and clothing across the floor.

I do have control of the air temperature now, though, and do not have to look at any more of her posters.

So I guess overall, our relationship is at a high point. I only hope that it can remain this way for a while longer...

(On further consideration, this is definitely not working. I know they say it is darkest before the dawn, but in this case, it was lightest before it took a definite turn for the worse. We had housing selection today and my new home is Mohn 117, but sadly we don't get to move there for another five months...)


Blogger wplmom said...

Wow. I'm glad for the high point,and now you've come this far its just a short hop to the end of the term. Hard to believe, but its true.

As for spring, I do like it when it finally gets green, but the mud and dirty snow I can do without. For that matter I hate the part about the tree pollen giving me allergy headaches too. So maybe spring doesn't have much to recommend it...except warmer breezes and the return of the birds, and the lack of icicles crashing on the roof...Okay, I guess I'll accept the bad with the good. Not like I have any choice, so I might as well enjoy it!

Happy Spring!

PS Its snowing here!

7:57 AM  

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