Sunday, March 13, 2005

Today just wasn't my day

It had potential. It really did. But somehow, it didn't turn out the way I hoped it would.

We caught the bus outside Giant this morning around 10, made the right connection at the main station, and even managed to get off at the right place. There were lots of good stores to explore, Barnes and Noble, Ross, Target, Payless, etc., but despite the selection, I was unable to find a single thing that I both wanted and was affordable, with the exception of my tuna sub for lunch. We even made it back on time, right to our front door, practically, and this cute little kid fell asleep leaning against me. Oh yeah, and there were lots of babies and children to watch, especically with the appearance of the Easter Bunny for photo opportunities.

Dinner was, to say the least, disappointing, although the walk there was pretty. It was precipitating, a mix between rain and snow. It was weird, cuz it was warm, and it just looked very interesting. I ended up with a bowl of cereal, a slice of bread with peanut butter, and a glass of ginger ale/orange juice. Which means I got hungry again sooner than usual.

After dinner, a search for the others, and the presenting of a t-shirt, we continued on to the rec room for our pool ritual. Everything was going fine until I managed to scrap a layer of skin off my finger, which also was fine until I got soap in it.

M and I went to the Winter Concert to watch Brian, a co-worker, and some other friends perform their musical selections. They were very good, but it was kind of long, and I saw someone who I really didn't want to see. And we couldn't find a pen, and so did not turn in our cards to receive Experience credit for attending (but is no big deal).

The vans to take us to the movies came at 9:30, give or take a few minutes. There were two of them, and we were all set to go when they came and told three people to get out because it was unsafe to have 12 people in the 12-person van. Right. But anyways, we actually made it there on time, even though the van that was for the movie that started five minutes before ours left half and hour earlier. Whatever.

Sarah and I watched the movie Hitch, starring Will Smith. It was cute, but not really what I wanted to see right now Sarah started out by laughing hysterically, fortunately along with everyone else, but decided it was getting too boring before the end and actually started to walk out before the credits. We did make it to the van on time, and the ride back was mostly uneventful.

Back at the dorm, the fun was not over yet. Before we made it to the second flooor, we could heard loud voices and bodies moving about in the lounge. Getting closer, we could tell that, oh yeah, one of those voices was that of my roommate. Nice. So we tiptoed up to the third floor balcony to eavesdrop, but were unable to hear any more than the shouting of curse words. We sent a PE to sort things out, then snuck in and down the hall to Jess's room.

I guess that's the end of the day, for me. I hope. My roommate hasn't come back in yet, but I can hear her out in the hall, talking on her cell phone. Last night she didn't come back in until almost 3. But really, what else can she do? Ok, so I've learned not to ask that question.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow, but as I have to finish a Philosophy journal (more than 10 pages) and study for a Spanish test, we'll see how well that goes.


Blogger wplmom said...

Potential: Capable of favorable development.

Sometimes I wonder if things don't turn out the way I want them to because I did something wrong, or didn't do something right, or because some higher power thought that it needed to go another way. I guess the best thing to do is just take what comes and see the good in it. Even if the best thing was the cute little kids, and the pretty walk to the dining hall. Certainly rehashing it in your brain and hoping it will change what happened is useless, and even harmful. (I know this from harsh experience.) Anyway hope tomorrow brings you a better day!

11:42 AM  

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