Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another day in the life...

The "highlights" of the day. I'll let you make your own conclusions...
-library employees going to such extremes as to cover up items thrown in the garbage with sheets of paper towel to keep other employees from discovering that such things were thrown away
-meeting a girl who aspires to become "just like Willie the Bum, plus a leg" instead of some more successful position such as a doctor or a teacher
-exchanging my first words with my roommate since I've been back , which consisted of her informing me that she was going to dramatically rearrange our room (which only occured because we ran into each other in the hall, not because she wanted to get my permission first)
- a fraternity auctioning off their members at lunch today, with final prices going up to $90


Blogger wplmom said...

Your highlights are so intriguing, it makes me wish I had a real life. Or at least your lenses to look at mine. My highlights are more like: talking to myself, cleaning some junk out of the van, planning what's for dinner.

I have of course at times in my life aspired to be like Willie the Bum too. Even without the leg. But I'm not sure I'd admit that to someone I've just met. (Although I have now just admitted it to the entire world...the internet does that, no?)

1:54 PM  

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