Monday, April 11, 2005

7:30am on a Monday

7:30- Leaving the dorm
7:40- Standing outside a building in the cool morning air
7:50- Standing inside the door of the building behind about 20 other people
8:00- Still standing in the line
8:05- My turn to register for classes. Yay! They are not full yet.
8:10- Buying strawberry milk
8:15- Going back to the dorm
8:20- Writing this so I don't fall back asleep because I have class in 30 minutes

Wow, look at all that excitement in only an hour. And I left out the parts about waking up at 5:55, listening to my roommate fall out of bed, and trying to decide which clothes to wear. Stop by later to see what other fun and exciting things are going to happen today, like the Child Development test for which I know nothing.


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