Friday, April 08, 2005

What is the World Coming To? (or Got Milk?)

How can the cafeteria run out of milk? Is there some world shortage that I was unaware of? Have the prices gone up so much that we are no longer deserving of this particular product? It's crazy...

In other news, M and I participted in at least four more psych studies today. Not of them were terribly exciting or anything, but we did get leis out of one, although I abandoned mine somewhere on the third floor of Teel. I also got a carnation at lunch from Sarah, which I was trying to turn blue with blue juice, but then I spilled the juice on a table in the hallway on the second floor of Teel. Oops.

M and I wanted to eat dinner outside, since it was such a beautiful day and it was too hot inside and everyone else had already gone home for the weekend, but they do not provide for us to be able to eat outside, so we had to smuggle food out. Actually, M just took the plate with her. I put my veggie burger in my purse.

They aren't feeding us for lunch tomorrow anyway, so it is okay that we are going to be in NYC. I hope the baseball is fun, although it will be good just to have something to do. We want t-shirts...

My roommate is pumping air into one of those bouncy exercise balls and the pump is making a horrible squeaking noise. Save me from the insanity... Oh good. There she goes to pickup her take-out Chinese.

Ok, back to doing nothing much, such as playing games on the internet. Maybe I'll go watch some tv later or something equally exciting.


Blogger wplmom said...

Psych studies were maybe the highlight of my college career (at least of the academic part). And since I was a Psych major I got to be on both sides of the 2 way mirror. Cool huh?

11:42 AM  

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