Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sleeping Habits

Apparently I can only sleep when it is light out, which doesn't fit in very nicely with my schedule. Socializing cannot occur when I must return to my room at 6 pm in order to sleep. Neither does going to classes work very well if I cannot keep my eyes open. Too bad they do not offer 2 am classes. I am, however, getting good at typing in my sleep at work. I don't do so good sleepwalking though, especially while carrying heavy journals and trying to navegate narrow aisles. But nobody was watching, right?

The funny thing is, when I returned at 6 to sleep this evening, my roommate had had the same idea and was, and still is, asleep. Weird. I hope my bad habits are not rubbing off on her. Although she was the one who slept until 3 pm on Sunday... I only came back to join her from 2-3. Today was such a nice day, too. It was a shame to miss part of it while sleeping. Tomorrow is going to be too warm, but it is a nice change. And we have air conditioning here...


Blogger wplmom said...

And here I thought that you got over that habit when you were an infant. Although come to think of it you have never gotten your sleep habits sorted out. Or maybe just you never got sleep as a "habit". Maybe you just shouldn't worry about it. Sleep when you need to even if it interferes with your academic and social life. (Just don't snore in class.) Your father always made sure to sit next to a wall in classes, to prop him up. I often joked that he could sleep anywhere and anytime (and he still can). I usually relied on the afternoon nap, sometimes in my room, but more often in the student union or the library, with a request to a friend to come wake me for meals.

Vince and I once decided that we didn't go to sleep like sensible people because of that age-old worry that we might miss something. Its the thing that still keeps me up late most nights (esp. if I've inadvertantly napped on the couch) and sometimes it even gets me out of bed early.

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