Thursday, April 21, 2005

Not Cats, but Ducks (Or, Do We Really Belong in College?)

The tour groups that come through Science Hall while we are Child Development must think this school is pretty weird.
On Monday, our professor was standing near the door and eavesdropping to see what the guide was saying about the building, etc. Then she started yelling, "It's all a lie! See my intimate upper level class with 35 students" as the guide says how the classes get smaller as you attain higher years.
Then, on Wednesday, we were having a very interesting conversation about touching oneself versus another touching you, how one tickles and how one doesn't. Then somebody brought up the fact that you can tickle yourself by running your tongue over the roof of your mouth, and then somebody else said, "Yeah, but how often does somebody else do that to you?" And Dr.H says, "We're not going there." She tries to distract us from both that line of thought and the killer bees that were flying around over our heads by telling us about the Sock Man, who put striped knee socks on babies to torment them.
The week before we spent making funny faces at each other to discuss the development of emotions. We tried to talk without using our hands. And before that, we made up new words to use in the process of language aquisition. "Hoopledoople" and "blicket" were some of our favorites. Additionally, we got to make more faces as we tried out different sounds and why some are easier to make than others.

But even funnier than all the things that happened in CD was one incident in Sociology earlier this week. We were discussing urban legends and the one that says some Chinese restaurants were closed down for serving cats. CB asks if anyone thinks they actually were serving cats and this one kid gets really excited and waves his hand around until he is called on. Then he yells pretty loudly, "I don't know about cats, but I saw ducks hanging in the front of one restaurant!"
Ok, so maybe you had to be there...


Blogger Adrienne said...

Your Child Development class sounds *way* more fun than the one I took when I was in college.

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