Monday, April 11, 2005

Today; A Continuation

I was right. I did not know anything for the test and am pretty sure that I failed. This is why I need to participate in all those research studies, for extra credit. I did get the extra credit question on the test right. Why can't that be worth about 60%?

I'm not really sure why I am bothering to post again now, because there is nothing more to say, other than that my philosophy prof got so into what he was teaching that we had an extra ten minutes of class during which nobody thought to stop him, and since I didn't want to walk in late to the meeting that I am not technically invited to but get paid for going to anyway, I didn't go and am now sitting in the library, waiting for them to finish. That was a nice long sentence.

I have a Spanish quiz on about 100 vocab words which qualify as characteristics, apparently based on the Chinese horiscope. I know 6 of them for sure, but am a bit shaky on the spelling of the rest. Am I going to study them tonight? Probably not.

Ok, now I am going to keep reading John Grisham's The Broker, even though I was half-asleep yesterday when I started it and am not sure what is going on, other than that the guy is learning italian, which is only a bit more confusing to my already confuzzled sense of foreign language aquistition. Which made no sense... Anyway, it is sad to say that this is the first book I have read in a long time, meaning more than about 3 weeks, which is an eternity in my life.

Ok, the guy who sat down next to me smells like smoke, so adios for now.


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