Monday, June 27, 2005

A Rabbit For Every Yard

There seems to be an abundance of rabbits this summer. There are little baby ones running all over my yard and getting their picture taken. There are big ones trimming the weeds every afternoon under the swings. And on the way to soccer, I saw four in adjacent lawns, enjoying the evening grass, I suppose. Or maybe there is just a cat drought...but in any case, I like the bunnies.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Ah! The Joys of Summer -or- Soccer

You can tell that it is really summer when Monday and Wednesday nights are spent at the soccer field, sitting amidst a sea of different colored teams and trying to avoid getting hit in the head with a ball.
This year, Josh is on the yellow team. Generally, I forget this at least once a game and tend to just cheer for the team with the prettier color. Hey, who's keeping score anyway? The coach of the yellow team seems to know what he is talking about, although he does so in a distinct accent, which has yet remained unidentified. Perhaps Boston, or maybe NYC. In any case, it is most evident in the way he refers to the object the team is kicking about. Sometimes it is "bwal" and others it is "bhoul", and in between the game is punctuated with cries of "Beauty! Beauty!". And then there are the annoying fans, otherwise known as parents. To be fair, not all of them are annoying, but there are certain ones who always seem to have high-pitched voices and never, ever stop shouting. I think that has to be my least favorite part of watching, other than the fact that I cannot play. Perhaps next time I will bring headphones, and then I can listen to music while I watch, which should be much more pleasant. That, and a book, and I am all set. Yup, this might just be a good summer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New Talent

While attending a talent show at my brother's elementary school today, I observed that modern society has imposed itself even on the creative habits of children. That is to say, there is no such thing as simple ballet dance anymore. Even gymnastics has blended itself into a style of dance that one might describe in words which would be inappropriate for the same kids who participate in the dance. While it might be a good form of exercise, I fear it prepares them for the wrong types of future careers -- show girls in Las Vegas, Britney Spears-esque, and worse.

That said, the other musical pieces were very good. There was variety and a very good attempt at the Star Wars theme song...

Saturday, June 11, 2005

When It Is Too Hot To Do Anything But Go From Air-Conditioned Store to Air-Conditioned Store

As in, today, 86 degrees and 55% humidity, currently, although it was 96% humidity earlier. And although ice cream sandwiches are nice, there is really no place to go except a nice, cool store. Pretty much every store is air-conditioned, although they all have different levels of coolness. Stores are interesting, with lots of items, most which I don't need or want, to look at. Sometimes they even have things I want at prices I am willing to pay. (Or have someone buy for me...) But after considering all these things, I think my favorite AC'ed place to go is still the library. There are books there and I can sit down. And as of next week, they are even going to pay me to be there. Sometimes.

Friday, June 10, 2005

It Echoes

Standing outside in the middle of thunderstorm is much better than being inside. For acoustic reasons, that is. Everything echoes much more outside, and you get to stand in the rain. It is suprisingly exciting. Especially when the storm is so close that you don't know in which direction the next bolt will appear. I hope we have another thunderstorm tomorrow.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

When It Is Too Hot To Do Anything But Sit And Eat Ice Cream Sandwiches

I hereby declare that it is too hot for any activities not involving ice cream sandwiches. Preferably they should be eaten, not thrown at each other.

If anyone knows any good thunderstorm or rain dances, let me know.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Of Little Importance

As you can probably tell from the lack of posts, very little in the way of post-worthy events have been occurring. Progress is being made on the lighthouse jigsaw puzzle. I re-read the 5th Harry Potter book yesterday because I found I could not remember anything that had happened in it. I see some grocery shopping and making of giant animal silhouettes in the future...