Monday, November 28, 2005

I swear I am not completely insane...

So when I went into work this morning, the back workroom was rearranged. My wall had moved. It was strange. The tricky Ray says this is because he doesn't want people talking about him when he is right there, but they may not know this because he is behind a wall. However, when you are standing next to him, he can't hear you. Or he pretends not to... This guy must have very selective hearing.

But the weirdest part was that when I came back five hours later, everything was back the way it usually is. And nobody mentioned anything. So I thought I was hallucinating. I wonder what happened...

The only other thing of note today was that it was colder in the Spanish classroom, er, whole building, than outside. *shiver* Ok, back to doing some more nothing...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Little bits of heaven

1. Almond amaretto cappuccino
2. Ruby Tuesday's cheese quesadilla, broccoli cheese soup, and key lime lemonade
3. New socks
4. Wawa vanilla milkshake

Which ends with: a perfect night out with the roommate: priceless.

And let's not forget: coming home in two days!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Take me out to the...movies

On yet another Saturday afternoon I find myself sitting in front of a screen, watching people with "real" lives having a lot more fun than I am. This time, however, I am sitting in front of a 50-foot screen with a bunch of strangers. Well, mostly strangers, except the person I am sitting next to, who sometimes I think I know...Anyway, movies in theatres are fun sometimes, but it is awfully hard to sit still for that long. Even when I can put my feet up, take off my shoes, and wiggle around every so often. I'll still waiting for the theatre that decides to use hammocks...Now that would be nice. Still, going to the movies every once in a while is nice. That is why I am planning to go again on Friday to guessed it...Harry Potter. I forget which one we are on now, but that doesn't really matter. I get to see it for free! Although I suppose I shouldn't get too excited about this, because there could always be a problem and I won't get to see it at all...but let's look on the bright side.

And I get to come home in a week!!!

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Week in Brief (in no particular order)

Presenting Glamour. Smiling lab. Two really short advisor meetings. Sleeping in history. Watching Bones and House. Writing anthro essay. Eating carrots and peanut butter. Standing in the rain. Eating pumpkin pie. Taking anthro test. Working. Writing psych paper until 2 am. Hallucinating. Lunching. Drinking guava juice in history. Getting kicked out of Spanish. Taking Spanish quizzes. Working. Sleeping. No soy milk in the cafeteria. :( Chatting with my family. :) Finishing Anansi Boys. :) Working. Finding lost books. Watching tv. Putting my slippers on the wrong feet. Reading Dr. Seuss. Eating mac cheese. Being ready for a nap. Eating Halloween candy sent by my family. :) Sitting at work and trying to make the next 2.5 hours go by very quickly.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

TV Commercials

I guess I'll never understand why television-programmer-people put the commercials at the times that they appear, on the channels they appear.
For example, any night after about 10, any channel, they start playing food commercials. And they always manage to make the food look good, whether it is pizza or chicken fingers. But the funny part is that the restaurants that serve these foods pretty much all close before then. Which makes it hard to go buy from them, even if transportation were available.
And then there are the strange things advertised on Saturday morning during cartoons. Things like big furniture sales and how to perform a self-breast examination. Do kids really care about these things? Should they?
The quality of commercials suffers these days, too. Not that commercials were ever of any great quality, that I knew about, but some of them just don't make any sense. Like not even referring to the product or service being advertised.
But since I am not one of those people who watches tv for the commercials, I guess it doesn't matter. We tend to mute the tv during the commercials. And take bathrooms breaks.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lost Books

Do you ever feel like you are a lost book in a library, on some shelf where no one can find you, a book of poetry amidst the auto manuals? Sitting on a shelf in a place where you don't belong, waiting for someone to find you and bring you home. It's lonely. Sometimes you wonder if anyone even knows you are gone, if you will ever make it back.

I rescued 20 lost books today. Of course, most of them were right where they belonged. They just weren't there when people came looking, or people weren't looking hard enough, or people couldn't see what was right in front of their face.

I love libraries. They work really well as metaphors. ;)