Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kids Say the Cutest Things

Last night at the hockey game, there were these two little boys sitting in the row behind us. They were about 4, just the right size to kick the back of my chair....
Anyway, they, as most small children, had the cutest things to say, most of which only made sense in a limited way. There was the "Did you know that Santa has a son?" "Really? Who?" "Elves."
And, "I know how to spell the letter 't'." "How?" "T-Y-I"
Then, as the team we were playing was the Grand Rapids Griffins, "What is a griffin?" "You know that bird from Harry Potter? The one that bursts into flame and comes back again. That's a griffin."(This is the father.) "Is that where they got the name Gryffindor?" "Yes."

I was afraid of getting cotton candy in my hair, but it seems I was in more danger of getting hit by flying beer, as the vendor tripped coming up the stairs. Oops...

It was a nice night. And the home team even won. :)

Monday, December 12, 2005

December at the Bright

Ok, so we went to the student film fest last week and it was, as is sadly becoming traditional, disappointing. Many of the films were based on a story by Joyce Carol Oates, or someone like that. Anyway, they were all b&w and silent. So boring, in fact, that one of the professors who was sitting right in front of us snored throughout every single one of them. Loudly. The most interesting, which is not saying much, was the first, which was also wildly inappropriate. It did, however, refer to Albright as 'The Bright'. So therefore,

December at the Bright means:
- icy sidewalks and unplowed streets
- random sounds of music coming from unknown sources
- extra use of leftovers in the caf in an attempt to use the rest of the food
- almost regular internet failures
- brief power outage (s?)
- study breaks with free food
-really cold classrooms
-sledding on everything from caf trays, to cardboard, to plastic boxes, to shopping carts

and much, much more...but you have to be here to see it.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Surprise, surprise

They put a Dannon cooler in the cafeteria, right next to the frozen yogurt and soft serve ice cream. So of course I assume that they are going to put yogurt in the caf. Yummy. And then yesterday, not yogurt, but soy milk appears in it. Cool. Does this mean I can take a container, since there are multiples in there? Anyway, I got one out to pour myself a glass and I could feel there was something in it, but when I tried to pour, nothing came out. It was frozen, like a soy milk slushie. All of them were. Oops. So a nice caf worker turned down the freezer, brought me a new container, and even opened it for me. How nice! So the soy milk situation is looking up. :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Elevator

Actually, the elevator was the not the interesting part, although it might have been if we had gotten stuck, which would have given me a more legitimate excuse for missing class. But anyway, the point of the elevator was that when we went downstairs to the room where the boxes were going to be put, the room smelled strongly of something incense-like. Nobody else mentioned it, though.
I did get to hear Adam's philosophical ramblings as we went up and down in the elevator, but there's not much excitement about that. Actually, the whole thing wasn't very exciting at all. But you asked...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Yesterday in detail (minus the elevator)

I had something I was going to post about, but everytime I am sitting here, I can't remember. So I will ramble until it comes to me...
Our heating/AC unit is leaking water. The top has a puddle on it. This is the first time it has happened. Our light flickers, but only for a few minutes after you turn it on. We are both waiting for it to go out. We are sure it will happen on a weekend when no one will come to fix it for days.

Yesterday was a strange day. Actually, the whole week has been stranger than usual, but not in any way that I know how to describe. But yesterday I didn't go to any classes, and that made it weird, but nice. In spanish, there was an optional test, so I skipped it to do my psych homework, which took longer than the hour I left to do it, so I showed up to work half an hour late. This meant I wasn't watching time closely enough because I was so absorbed by packing books into boxes, so it was after 10 by the time I decided to check, and since I didn't want to walk into class late, I finished out an hour at work and then went to sit in the hallway outside my classroom and listen to the last ten minutes of class. I got to hand in my homework, which was the important part. Then when I got to Anthro, a few people were standing outside the door, but no teacher and he didn't leave any work, so we just left. I wandered the bookstore for a while, took a nap in the CC, and finally went to lunch. They stole our regular tables for a discussion of some sort, so that was a little weird. Then I went to work for 5 hours and when I came back to the caf for dinner, there was a tree next to our table. I ate a plate of vegetables and am still hungry. Then we went with Sarah to the store to get Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which we watched in the lounge. Then I went to bed.

I need to do my laundry today. Work on my psych homework. Practice for Spanish orals. Go shoe shopping? Guess that covers it. Still don't know what I was going to post about...