Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lost Books

Do you ever feel like you are a lost book in a library, on some shelf where no one can find you, a book of poetry amidst the auto manuals? Sitting on a shelf in a place where you don't belong, waiting for someone to find you and bring you home. It's lonely. Sometimes you wonder if anyone even knows you are gone, if you will ever make it back.

I rescued 20 lost books today. Of course, most of them were right where they belonged. They just weren't there when people came looking, or people weren't looking hard enough, or people couldn't see what was right in front of their face.

I love libraries. They work really well as metaphors. ;)


Blogger l ori. said...

this confirms that at least there are some people still searching, in a world of indifference.

at least there's hope.

you're a wonderful person.

-- another lost book,

10:16 PM  
Blogger wplmom said...

If you never feel like a lost book I suspect its because you don't think enough. I love to rescue lost books, especially right in front of the patron who has just badmouthed the library and everyone who works there; especially when it is right where it belongs. (Actually it was a man and a DVD. Women are more likely to be understanding and just thrilled that you found it for them.)

5:57 PM  

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