Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Security Update

Apparently, one should not walk home from the Goose Head (bar?) after dark, because you never know when you might be held up by a gun-wielding thug by the rugby field. But security has some important advice to offer in case it does happen to you: comply with all their wishes. Gee, thanks. I never would have guessed to do what the armed man told me to do. Don't worry, when I want to go to bars, I know better than to go to someplace called the Goose Head.


Blogger wplmom said...

I guess it just goes to prove that thugs are pretty stupid if they try to get money out of college students on their way home from a bar. I mean, who has money then? However I do worry that they may be after something besides money...So I'm glad you are avoiding the Goose Head. (Yeah there has to be a better name then that...)

7:35 AM  

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