Friday, November 11, 2005

The Week in Brief (in no particular order)

Presenting Glamour. Smiling lab. Two really short advisor meetings. Sleeping in history. Watching Bones and House. Writing anthro essay. Eating carrots and peanut butter. Standing in the rain. Eating pumpkin pie. Taking anthro test. Working. Writing psych paper until 2 am. Hallucinating. Lunching. Drinking guava juice in history. Getting kicked out of Spanish. Taking Spanish quizzes. Working. Sleeping. No soy milk in the cafeteria. :( Chatting with my family. :) Finishing Anansi Boys. :) Working. Finding lost books. Watching tv. Putting my slippers on the wrong feet. Reading Dr. Seuss. Eating mac cheese. Being ready for a nap. Eating Halloween candy sent by my family. :) Sitting at work and trying to make the next 2.5 hours go by very quickly.


Blogger wplmom said...

Ref desk. Aqua basics. Sleeping (not enough). Yelling at Josh. Frustration at home. Frustration at work. Meetings ad nauseum. Still not enough sleep. Strawberry bread (yum). Chai. Watching the first few snowflakes. Getting blown across a parking lot. Crossword puzzles. Ignoring my email. Listening to voicemail. Mailing Halloween candy. Buying Teen Book Fest bracelets. TGIF.

9:15 PM  
Blogger jckwik said...

You got kicked out of a class? :-(

7:10 PM  

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